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Each work created by Angela Cox at ‘Feather on the Breeze’ is a unique piece that depicts each subject in fine detail. The methods used for each picture are different and inspired by the subject matter itself. The emphasis of the work is on birds and wildlife.

Some pieces lend themselves more readily to pastel, ink, watercolour, oil, gouache or pencil – sometimes more than one medium is used. Canvas, watercolour paper and coloured board are some of the grounds on which the work is created. Each original work is keenly observed and carried out with great attention to detail to evoke the particular character and beauty of each bird or animal.

New Exhibitions for 2017:

Sands Road Framing Shop  - 1st June to 30th June 2017.

Sands Road Framing Shop, 10-12 Sands Road, Paignton. Devon TQ4 6EH

Telephone: 01803 554583


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