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The artist works primarily on bird, animal and wildlife subjects but has completed, over the years, many individual pieces for customers covering subjects as diverse as auto-art, including cars and motorbikes, family portraits and other subjects besides. You are welcome to enquire regarding a specific commission.

An  example of a drawing and a seperate watercolour, created using a photograph, is shown below.

You are welcome to make an enquiry to discuss the type of work that you may like to commission and receive a no-obligation quote. Prices will vary according to the size of the artwork, if any additional background detail is required, and the medium in which the work is carried out.

Medium:   Sanguine(Terracotta red) pencil on white cartridge paper  

Mount:    Un-mounted

Size: 295x420 mm 

Price: £90 

© Angela Cox 2007-2018.

Medium: Watercolour on high quality acid- free watercolour paper
Mount:    Un-mounted

Size: 229x292 mm 

Price: £150

© Angela Cox 2007-2018.